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SmartSafe Africa – a game changer is coming

Cape Town: Sheqafrica Corporate Services(Pty)Ltd have set the dates for the launch of four new compliance auditing programs and set its sights on new markets. The decision comes after the company acquired the intellectual property rights of the SmartSafe program from Cygma SHEQ South Africa. The acquisition paves the way for the expansion of the program to various industry sectors.

As a separate business unit of Sheqafrica, SmartSafe Africa will be the compliance auditing arm of the company, and the various industry programs will be launched from 15 July 2019 to February 2020. Here are some detail:

The Consumer Market – B2C

The original SmartSafe program was launched in Limpopo a year ago, and attracted a number of small to medium companies to sign up for the process. SmartSafe caters for businesses who manufactures products and provide services directly to end-users, without the involvement of upstream suppliers and contractors.

The Business Market – Vendor Management System

SmartSafe Africa will be new provider of the SHEQContractor Vendor On-boarding System, another product developed by Cygma in 2015. The new version of the SHEQContractor program will focus on supplier on-boarding from procurement stage. It allows companies to outsource the Vendor Accreditation process to an independent auditor in the pre-approval stages of Supply Chain Management. Clients simply need to set their accreditation criteria and SHEQContractor will perform the independent vetting process to ensure a supplier meets the minimum requirements.

The Corporate Environment – Ethical Business Practices

For many multi-national corporations as well as JSE listed companies the importance of ethical and transparent business dealings are key drivers, and more so in Africa, which is marred by bribery and corruption. previously reported on a new star-grading system for the company’s Ethical Business Program (EBP). The SmartSafe EBP will be launched in August 2019.

The Property Market – Landlords and property managers

The fourth product under the SmartSafe banner will be launched early in 2020 and will focus on Sectional Title Schemes and HOA’s where a commercial component is part of the Scheme. The focus of the SmartLandLord program will be to ensure tenants in commercial sections or units comply with the legal requirements applicable to their businesses, from licensing to storage of hazardous chemicals and gasses. The basis for the development of SmartLandLord can be ascribed to Section 3 of the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, 2016 which require Bodies Corporate to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with relevant laws and by-laws.

Game Changer

When it comes to SHEQ, there are many auditing and Star-Grading programs offered by a number of service providers, not to include the various ISO Standards, and the majority of these systems have found their foundation in the old NOSA MBO(management by objectives). The original MBO was supposed to audit a business based on the objectives they set for the company. Over the years, the “objectives” have become those of the program vendor and not management. Companies became followers of a trend where they should have been authors of their own success.

SmartSafe returns to baseline zero, and brings the “ISMEC” acronym back into the fold. For this reason, auditors who needs to Google ISMEC will not be accredited to perform the audits.

Management Performance Measured

As opposed to current grading systems focusing on lagging indicators, SmartSafe takes a proactive approach by measuring what management do and how they do it. The involvement of management determines the compliance rating and they are graded accordingly.

Current system approach measures what management did not do and penalise them for not doing so. But at that stage it is already too late and an accident or 10 have already occurred in the preceding 12 months. Commonly referred to as the DIFR, it is a failure measurement and have no real value, scientific or otherwise. It is pretty much saying the hammer was harder than your thumb after hitting yourself. [Obviously you will use a different word or phrase when this happens].

Experienced auditors also know that many 5 star-gradings have been achieved within the two weeks prior to the audit and some can tell you of the demarcated areas where the floor paint is still wet from night-shift’s rush job to get the window-dressing done in time.

SmartSafe Roll-out & Pricing

Clients desirous of using any of the SmartSafe programs can call SmartSafe directly from their website.

More information on the various programs and what it entails, will be made available after an initial consultation with your management team.


Diane Swarts
Diane is a SHEQ Practitioner with 10 years experience as a Safety Officer with working knowledge of ISO 18001, 9001, 14001 management systems as well as the OHSACT 85 of 1993, Construction Regulations 2014, MHSA No 29 0f 1996, and Regulations.