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SheqOnCall360 – a new professional body

Most professional bodies are only effective in developing a profession. SheqOnCall360 fills the gaps by offering a promotion service to jobseekers, practitioners and consultants.

It is not a professional body in the common sense of the word. SheqOnCall360 is a promotional portal, allowing interested practitioners to list their CV’s / Company profiles for the public to see.

What makes it different though, it the fact that each new listing is circulated to more than 95 000 companies in SA via its monthly newsletters.

SheqOnCall360 sends all its subscribers a list of available Consultants, Service providers and training companies for them to make contact. Each group has its own monthly newsletter reaching various sectors in the market.

Jobseekers features in newsletter sent to recruitment agencies, while the consuling sector goes to all employers in need of their services.

Lifetime Membership with SheqOnCall360 starts at R95 once off, making it the lowest cost professional association. It is open to any professional serving the broad disciplines of Safety, Health, Environment and Social Quality.

For more information, visit SheqOnCall360

Diane Swarts
Diane is a SHEQ Practitioner with 10 years experience as a Safety Officer with working knowledge of ISO 18001, 9001, 14001 management systems as well as the OHSACT 85 of 1993, Construction Regulations 2014, MHSA No 29 0f 1996, and Regulations.