Media Releases is shutting down

Readers of have seen the magazine for the last time on 9 October 2019. After several owners in the past, the company has now decided to permanently shut down the once popular SHEQ Magazine.

Diane Swarts, MD of Sheqafrica Corporate Services said the magazine has been sold to a media company who will be trading under a different name from 1 November 2019. The transaction is in the process of being finalised this week.

The new magazine, will focus on the full spectrum of labour laws in South Africa, not just the OHS laws. It will be a subscription based publication.

“The decision came after two of the Magazine’s majority shareholders offered their shares for sale. The sale of the magazine and the intellectual property rights of the website and its subdomains will be phased in over a two year period. The website has already been taken down for a make-over and will be back online with a totally new jacket.” Swarts said.

SACS also included in the deal with the media company. This puts an end to any and all free information from Sheqafrica the SHEQ fraternity has been accustomed to since 2007. In 2017 the then owners of tried the same and was met with a lot of objections to such an extent that the reader numbers dropped with 50%. This makes the recent decision by SACS a bit confusing. However, SACS are now in it for profit and themselves. They have grown their global corporate subscriber base up to 126 000 from the original 5950 OHS readers, and now only needs to convert subscribers into clients.

With minimal overhead cost to reach 126 000 possible new clients in a matter of one week, SHEQAfrica is perfectly positioned to become a global player and at the same time become the most competitive SHEQ Consultancy in the world.

With that said, this magazine will also be affected as the new owners will not be offering any free information, contrary to popular internet beliefs. For me as the Editor, it is good news. For you as the reader, only time will tell.

Jessica van Zyl
Jessica is the Editor in Chief of Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd's Media Office and has 17 years experience in Technical Publishing. She worked for a number of small online magazines until 2018 when she became a Legal Researcher at Le Roux Maritz & Partners. Shortly afterwards, she was seconded to SACS as editor of as part of her portfolio.