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Labour Law with Patrick Deale

Patrick Deale is an experienced Labour Lawyer and Mediator and shares his monthly theme “Labour law in a nutshell” with us.

Environmental Law with Louis Fourie

Louis Fourie is an experienced Environmental Lawyer and shed some light on the myriad of legal requirements regulating the environment.

The Chemical Puzzle with Diane Swarts

Our chemical safety specialist, Diane Swarts shows you how to deal with chemical at work and on the road.

On Higher Ground with John Williams

John Williams writes about the hazards and risks involving work at heights and how fall protection planning help to prevent that fatal fall.

Practical Safety with Diphapang Llane

Diphapang Llane is an experienced Safety Specialist and share some valuable tips and tricks he picked up over the years.

The Electric Arc with Cheslyn Koopman

Cheslyn Koopman writes about electrical safety in high voltage installations and explosive atmospheres and how proper LOTO systems can save lives.

Never Say Die with Nitesh Amersi

Death is the last word we use at work, yet it remains the final destination of life on this planet. Nitesh Amersi shed some light on how to prevent fatal accidents by minimising the impact on the human body.

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