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Safety degree change, and SAQA’s career advice [updated]

2019 was the last year of registration for new NDSMN and BTSMN students.

SAQA has not renewed the identifier code for these qualifications due to a ruling by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) that all qualifications that are not aligned with the new NQF framework should be phased out.  The last date of enrolment into these qualifications for first time entering students is 31 December 2019.

UNISA will not register new students for 2020. Pipeline students have until 2025 to complete these qualifications. The decision by DHET enables students to articulate easily from one qualification to another and from one institution to another.

With the new NQF framework, vocational progression from diploma to doctoral level will follow in this order:

  1. Diploma (NQF level 6);
  2. Advanced Diploma (NQF level 7);
  3. Postgraduate Diploma (NQF level 8);
  4. Master’s (NQF level 9);
  5. Doctoral (NQF level 10).

According to Dr Tshilidzi Eric Nenzhelele, UNISA applied for accreditation of the Diploma in Safety Management and awaits the SAQA ID. “We are hopeful that we will receive the SAQA ID and possibly offer the diploma during the second semester of 2020. Should Unisa receive the SAQA identifier in time, potential students may apply for admission during April 2020 to be admitted to the second
semester. There is no immediate replacement for the BTSMN.” he said in a letter to stakeholders in September 2019.

We are in the process of applying for accreditation of the Advanced Diploma in Safety Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Safety Management. We are hopeful that these two additional new qualifications will be ready for offering by the time new cohorts of the Diploma in Safety Management graduate.” Nenzhelele said.


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