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Temporary Suspended Platforms

Temporary Suspended Platforms – Regulation 17 Construction Regulations 2014 cover various aspects, but one of the most dominant is regulation 17. Regulation 17 of the Construction Regulations covers inter alia, supervision and the necessary appointments, professional engineering / designer requirements, preparation and submission of operational documentation, quality and strength of materials being used, reaction forces and […]


Bad PR – The Risk That Got Away?

I was busy reading Heather Yaxley’s post “PR perspective on Health & Safety” over at The Wardman Wire when it happened. Heather wrote an interesting post about the role of the Public Relations (PR) consultant in managing the more strategic issues, usually in the form of corporate crises and frequently requiring them to protect the […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell February 2019

STRIKE FOR STRESS: Why are workers still willing to go on strike when the odds of scoring real financial gains are stacked against them?   The annual wage negotiations and “strike season” will unfold again in the next few weeks. It’s generally understood that the main reasons workers go on strike are to secure better […]


Safety Excellence Maturity Model

The popularity of models like The Bradley Curve indicate a hunger to understand safety culture and develop a roadmap to excellence. Moving through the three stages is more concrete than many academic models that describe the artifacts or characteristics of culture to address. But few of these models capture the whole picture of safety excellence, […]


How Hands-Free Wearables Help Industrial Workers

The age of the connected industrial worker has been a long time coming. It began in the 1990s, the availability of affordable mobile technology that wirelessly linked people across the plant around the world. Gradually, over the last two decades, the Industrial Internet of Things has allowed greater numbers of machines to communicate with each […]


"Safety Consultant" arrested for Fraud

An alleged criminal has been spotted and apprehended by the South African Police Services in the Warden (Eastern Free State) farming area. This individual is visiting farms in and around the town under the false pretense that he is sent to conduct inspections and offer training on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) by the Department […]


6th Annual Explosives Manager workshop – DOL asks for input

The Department of Labour has moved away from playing the cat and mouse game with the industry role players where inspectors come to workplace in white coats and a checklist aggressively looking for mistakes, Director: Construction, Explosives & Major hazard installations (CEMHI), Phumudzo Maphaha told delegates at the 6th Annual Explosives Manager workshop on Tuesday, […]