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South African “compliant” Safety files does not comply

I previously wrote numerous articles on this issue and thought I’d add some more information. In my opinion, the Safety Files currently approved in South Africa does not comply with the law, no matter how compliant its delivery claims to be, and the reasons are highlighted below. If you search for “health & safety file”...

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Why do people commit unsafe acts?

Four basic reasons for unsafe acts are as follows: Improper attitudes of the workers; Lack of knowledge or skills; Physical unsuitability; and Improper mechanical or physical environment. Except for reflex actions, unsafe acts are learnt acts, and can be replaced with learnt safe acts. If an employee’s learning has been inadequate or misdirected, it is […]


Proper or Registered practitioners? – Time to ask the serious questions – again!

The Department of Employment and Labour held its first OHS Conference which ended 26 July 2019. During the conference, the Director of Construction, Explosives and Major Hazards Installations (MHI), Phumi Maphaha says he wants to see a jail term as a form of sanction to violators of occupational health and safety (OHS) in the construction sector […]

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Positive Safety culture – Not for the faint hearted

Most employers put “safety” forward as the face of the company to get tenders or jobs. Yet their Management is not leading employees into a positive safety culture or one of compliance. The same management wants employees to excel in safety but the failure to empower that safety culture lies on the shoulders of management […]


Has the Elephant really left the room?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s new lean cabinet is a hot topic in the media at the moment. It is good to notice that Public Enterprises are still in the hands of Pravin Gordhan, and a fresh addition has been added to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) with the appointment of “Aunty Pat”, Patricia […]


Bad PR – The Risk That Got Away?

I was busy reading Heather Yaxley’s post “PR perspective on Health & Safety” over at The Wardman Wire when it happened. Heather wrote an interesting post about the role of the Public Relations (PR) consultant in managing the more strategic issues, usually in the form of corporate crises and frequently requiring them to protect the […]


"Safety Consultant" arrested for Fraud

An alleged criminal has been spotted and apprehended by the South African Police Services in the Warden (Eastern Free State) farming area. This individual is visiting farms in and around the town under the false pretense that he is sent to conduct inspections and offer training on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) by the Department […]