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IOSH/Saiosh members in uproar about AISE evaluations

South African OHS practitioners are in uproar as their AISE evaluations did not suit their own perceptions of their skills. Roughly 50% of the applications for AISE membership came from IOSH members and some are of the opinion that they are more competent than the evaluation indicated. AISE however said, they are trying to compare...

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5 Reasons to get out of OHS Consulting

If you have been working as an OHS Consultant for more than 15 years, you may want to read this. OHS Consulting is a dead-end once you have passed the 15 year mark. Here is what 5 former OHS consultants have to offer. (No one gave us permission to mention them by name). #1. No […]

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9 Safety Strategies of an effective CEO

It does not matter what type of business you run; be it is a sole owner, director or the Chief Executive of a multi-national company, you will be held liable for any harm caused by the business. And in some cases this liability may even be in your personal capacity jointly with the business itself. […]

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Jobs and more jobs; even if it kills you

“Honourable Chairperson, the recent ILO Conference resolved that Occupational Health and Safety be elevated to a fundamental principle and right. Once again we face the limitations of inspection and enforcement in the field of health and safety.” These were the 37 words of the newly appointed Minister of Employment and Labour, Mr Thulas Nxesi, on […]

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What do you really pay an EHS consultant to do?

Most employers may from time to time need the services of a “professional” EHS consultant to do some work for them. Often the work done may look professional and the price tag too, but when you actually analyse what was done, say during an audit, it becomes obvious that it was a very costly window-dressing […]

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Is OHS Self-regulation back in the game?’s sister publication,, previously reported on the Council for the Built Environment’s (CBE) application for exemption of the Identification of Work from the requirements of the Competition Act. In September 2018 the CBE invited stakeholders to provide input following the Competition Commission’s decision to reject the application. To recap, the Commission determined that the […]

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Meet Diffi; your Life-Threatening Hazard at Work is proud to announce the appointment of Diffi as an author for our magazine. Diffi is a life-threatening hazard that will be visiting workplaces all over South Africa today, and as an employer or H&S representative or manager, the law requires you to inform your employees of Diffi’s visit. What Diffi can do. First […]

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Message from our CEO – Size does not always matter

When it comes to safety and health in the workplace, it is not the size of the premises or the number of people you employ that gives you a duty to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Even self-employed persons have a legal duty under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993. is […]