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Jobs and more jobs; even if it kills you

“Honourable Chairperson, the recent ILO Conference resolved that Occupational Health and Safety be elevated to a fundamental principle and right. Once again we face the limitations of inspection and enforcement in the field of health and safety.” These were the 37 words of the newly appointed Minister of Employment and Labour, Mr Thulas Nxesi, on […]

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The Role of the SHE Rep

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the job of Health & Safety Representative or SHE Rep as they are often called. The reason is that there are two Acts that regulates these persons. The one Act is the Mine Health & Safety Act, and the other Act is the Occupational Health & […]

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Predictive Policing Is The Way To Go For South Africa

The South African Police Services should shift from an investigative paradigm to a preventative paradigm and the failure to shift from the current paradigm could result in ‘paradigm paralysis.’ The South African policing system is highly reactive in that a crime has to occur first before security agencies could galvanise into action; detectives only start […]