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Don't come to work sick

In the rife of pending deadlines, economical lay-offs and swarming in-boxes you get the flu! Tiredly you drag your body out of bed and go to work – doing the right thing? Wrong! According to the Loyola University Health System Occupational Health Services, people who come to work sick are more likely to hinder rather […]

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10 Issues Employee Induction Must Cover

Successful Health and Safety induction programs are designed to cover all the bases. All the Safety and Health basics new workers and visitors need to know are included, and the management system ensures that every-one goes through induction – from the CEO to the new worker. Every organisation’s Safety induction programs will be different, but […]


5 Keys to Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can be especially traumatic. It strips away one’s ability to work and also the ability to perform activities of daily living. The two primary types of workplace hand injuries are traumatic events and overuse or repetitive-motion injuries. Amputations and other serious injuries typically occur because of a lack of experience or training. Current […]

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Depression, The Silent Killer

Although there are reports of nearly three million Canadians experiencing depression, it is less likely that it will be diagnosed in the male counterparts in the workplace. This is according to a study conducted by the Canadian Health Association that describes mental illness in men as – ‘a shadowy crisis that is slowly coming to […]

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ISO 45001: A Model for Managing Workplace Ergonomics

A common characteristic of organizations successful in improving workplace ergonomics is that ergonomics is managed as a process — one that systematically identifies and effectively reduces the level of employee exposure to the risk factors known to cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Typically, ergonomics improvement processes are based on a continuous improvement model such as the […]



The Executive Management of the Department of Labour in the Free State together with officials of the Department will be commemorating this year’s Workers Month by visiting a number of workplaces in and around the province to interact with workers on matters of mutual importance. Coined workplace walk-abouts, these visits will see workers being given […]


Emotions at Work: Half of Employees Admit to Losing Their Temper

Crying on the job is acceptable, according to 44 percent of CFOs surveyed by Accountemps. A survey the accounting firm conducted shows how emotions are perceived in the workplace. “We’re all human, and sometimes emotions can get the best of us,” said Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, in a statement. “Workplace challenges are inevitable, […]