Cheslyn is a Senior Health and Safety professional with an extensive safety, construction and fire background gained in the steel manufacturing, nuclear generation, food manufacturing and a research institution. After years of leading and setting strategic direction for all safety related matters for South African manufacturing plants and a global construction and facilities management company is now the senior consultant for all Health and Safety matters at a fully autonomous world leading Nuclear Power Plant in the Middle East.

Why changing the Q in “SHEQ” Matters

It may seem mundane, but changing the meaning of a single letter in an acronym, creates a complete new thought process; a paradigm shift. And when it comes to SHEQ, a paradigm shift is desperately needed to ensure the protection of a nation’s workforce. Since the adoption of SHEQ, predominantly in Southern Africa, employers have […]

Your small business security strategy

My first assignment as a Security Advisor was 15 years ago when I challenged the manager of a food retailer. He did not agree with my fees and I told him that he only need to pay me double the value of the items I will steal from his store. With a letter of agreement […]

What to do when your Safety File is rejected

Anyone who has been involved in the submission for approval of Safety Files or “bus tickets” as I call it, knows how frustrating it can be. In most cases your file is simply rejected without explanation or indication as to why. But this blatant rejection of files in itself is an illegal and unethical practice […]