Q: Under what circumstances can a professional body stop me from practicing?

I recently received the question above and answer it herewith. Firstly, one need to distinguish between a voluntary association and a statutory regulator. In the case of SHEQ, there are a few voluntary associations like Saiosh, SAIOH, SASOHN, SASOM, etc. None of these associations have any statutory powers, which means that were not established by […]

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Is OHS Self-regulation back in the game?’s sister publication,, previously reported on the Council for the Built Environment’s (CBE) application for exemption of the Identification of Work from the requirements of the Competition Act. In September 2018 the CBE invited stakeholders to provide input following the Competition Commission’s decision to reject the application. To recap, the Commission determined that the […]

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Network9 grabs up; Shares future plans

Network9 has secured a controlling interest in and plans to take the property market information highway to the next level focusing on Property Risk Management and Compliance. As the former publisher of, Africa’s largest resource for EHS Risk and Compliance, and co-owner of Africa Media,  Rudy Maritz and his team plans to create […]


Meet SHEQO – The Safety Fish

Sheqo the Safety Fish is the second cartoon character of who will become a regular contributor to opinion pieces for the magazine. Sheqo – named after Nemo, the well-known clown fish of movie fame, swims around in full scuba gear after being instructed by the Safety department that safety comes first. The irony is […]

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Complacency: “Cultural change takes time”

Many managers assume it takes years for a culture to change. Even those managers committed to change often have low expectations about the pace of improvement, while the uncommitted engage in passive resistance—they wait things out. In either case, the results are the same: a failure to enlist key influencers, generate momentum, and deliver the early […]


Off the cuff – The Strange story of the SS Warimoo

The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought the master, Captain John Phillips, the result. The Warrimoo’s position was latitude 0 degrees x 31 minutes north and longitude […]

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Fatalism: “Injuries are part of the job”

A review of a European basic-materials manufacturer’s safety culture revealed that the company had a high tolerance for risk. Some operators said that 100 percent safety was impossible and that risk was part of the job. A maintenance operator explained that he sustained cuts and bruises on the job regularly but didn’t report them because […]


Strengthening health professions education and training: The power of evidence-based approaches

Health professions are anchored in the education and training that underpin them;such training continues to evolve with support from the growing evidence base. Health professions education (HPE) focuses on the theories, principles, concepts, methods, skills and attitudes specifically required for the education and training of health professionals within the specific learning environment of hospitals or […]

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Trade-off: “Safe means less productive”

An operator at a steel plant was adding alloys to a molten metal ladle. He was asked, “How do you know you’re doing it right?” The operator replied, “It depends. I have a metallurgic procedure in the blue binder and a safety procedure in the gray binder.” The operator, however, was using neither. This example […]

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The well-known off-road magazine, What the Gravel! is back online after it was deleted in 2017. And while it may not be applicable to the SHEQ fraternity, a lot of valuable lessons can be learned from the authors when it comes to off-road driving. A few companies, of which Vodacom is one, have adopted Driving […]