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OHS-on-Demand Licenses now available

The new On-Demand OHS document service, which allows Employers to download all OHS documents, forms and templates needed to put a compliance program together, has gone live at midnight 1 November 2019.

OHS practitioners can now secure Contributor Publishing Rights from Network 9 which will give them access to the OHS-on-Demand platform and allow them to publish and sell their OHS documents and templates.

Licencees will earn R145 per month for the each user account they enroll to the service and an additional per-user fees of R25 for companies who sign-up for more than one user account. A single company account with 5 users will therefore result in subscription based earnings of R245 per month. With 100 company accounts this could become a viable passive income.

OHS-on-Demand is the most affordable OHS service in South Africa.

Access to the portal is available from leading OHS Contributors approved by OHS-On-Demand to ensure the documents are valid and of a high standard. All documents are in .doc or .xls format and can be edited and customised as required.

For SHEQ practitioners in need of OHS documents and templates, this is the first OHS library of its kind and well worth the money as it offers unlimited downloads as well as a service where you can request a document.

OHS-on-demand paves the way for affordable OHS solutions for business in South Africa.

Click here to become a Contributor for OHS-on-Demand

Jessica van Zyl
Jessica is the Editor in Chief of Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd's Media Office and has 17 years experience in Technical Publishing. She worked for a number of small online magazines until 2018 when she became a Legal Researcher at Le Roux Maritz & Partners. Shortly afterwards, she was seconded to SACS as editor of as part of her portfolio.

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