A new Star-Grading system on the Cards

Sheqafrica Corporate Services will be launching its EBP Star-grading system in August 2019. Businesses subscribing to the Ethical Business Practices Program will be audited annually against the EBP Code of Conduct and graded according to their level of Compliance.

Sheqafrica’s Managing Director, Diane Swarts explains the benefits of this Grading audit and how it differs from the currently available systems.

“The EBP Grading system focuses on the 9 principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative’s Base Code and awards Member companies for their achievements in complying with this Code. It covers labour relations in general and focus on Child Labour, Fair Labour Practices and Workplace Health & Safety. It is pretty much a People Centred Auditing program.”

“Unlike the current grading systems which focuses on OHS performance and Accident Prevention, we realise that there are more effort needed to ensure the Constitutional rights of people are protected at work as well as at home. A pretty large part of employee wellness, relates to stress caused by unfair and discriminatory labour practices; whether known or unknown to the management of a business.”  said Swarts. “With the EBP Grading system, companies who deal with these issues and have programs in place will reap the reward of a decent grading as a public show of their commitment. In time, we hope large corporates and government will use the EBP grading system as a pre-qualification for doing business in South Africa.”

Sheqafrica will be sourcing suitably qualified auditors from July onward via tender and will be managing the contractual relationship with successful bidders in accordance with the NEC4 Framework Contract.