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5 Reasons to get out of OHS Consulting

If you have been working as an OHS Consultant for more than 15 years, you may want to read this.

OHS Consulting is a dead-end once you have passed the 15 year mark. Here is what 5 former OHS consultants have to offer. (No one gave us permission to mention them by name).

#1. No mental challenges; nothing baffles me anymore.

The needs of clients have become so mundane that you could probably do the work with your eyes closed. You don’t need to use your skills and experience, and simply have to use your extensive library of works built up over the years and reprint it, making the “mutatis mutandis” changes to satisfy the client’s needs.

The need is inevitably just “another safety file”. This wasn’t what I wanted in my life.

#2. Your biggest challenge is to be cheaper than the cheapest.

You now longer need to be smarter than the next person. All you need is to be cheaper to get the job. How this could be satisfying beats the knickers off me, but some OHS consultants are still hanging in there despite a worthless effort to offer something extra-ordinary.

#3. The grudge is in the purchase, thanks to a lack of enforcement.

Selling funeral policies may be more rewarding, yet still remains a grudge purchase. Selling a service nobody really wants, is not the most satisfying way to spend your days. In the end it pays the bills but leaves you a very unhappy inner self.

The times could change if the law enforcers actually enforces the law, and not just bark at the gate.

#4. No standard to measure yourself against

One only need to do a google search of OHS consultants to see the huge difference in similarity of what they offer. Its the same meal with a different sauce. There is nothing to benchmark yourself against. Nobody offers something WOW! to compare yourself with. It is just a different day with the same BS!

#5. No future to prosper

When the fuel price or interest rates go up, you cannot simply adapt your hourly rates as you will always have to be cheaper than the person who just finished studying and cannot find a job. They are your anchors, keeping you in-shore in the calm water whilst you desperately seeks a conquest to prove your worth.

OHS consulting will not make you rich if you keep doing all the work yourself. And sadly most consultants still work alone for themselves.

These are the sad reality of the OHS Consulting industry. Some have opted to diversify by selling stationery on the side. Others have become event organisers and others have quit the game altogether, living a far better life in a different profession or even a different country.

Why is OHS in South Africa such a low-key profession despite the drive to “professionalise” it?

And what are our ex-OHS Consultants doing right now?

#1 Semi-retired earning R40k per month

#2 IT Consultant earning R120k per month

#3 Insurance Sales earning R45k per month

#4 Did not want to say

#5 Still working as Consultant but added extra business earning R300k per month outside of SA.



Jessica van Zyl
Jessica is the Editor in Chief of Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd's Media Office and has 17 years experience in Technical Publishing. She worked for a number of small online magazines until 2018 when she became a Legal Researcher at Le Roux Maritz & Partners. Shortly afterwards, she was seconded to SACS as editor of Sheqafrica.co.za as part of her portfolio.