Environment HOT NEWS!

Environmental Assessment Practitioners must register before allowed to practice

The Minister of Environmental Affairs have appointed the Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa (EAPASA) as the Single Registration Authority in terms of Section 24H of the National Environmental Management Act. This appointment was made on 18 February 2018 and is valid for a period of 5 years. The appointment also triggered the commencement […]


Another Safety Checkbox Unnecessary

Health & Safety practice had over the years adopted a stance that an Independent business or contractor must provide a Tax Clearance certificate before any work can be done for an employer. Arguably this has nothing to do with H&S, but most practitioners wear more hats than just H&S and are often also acting as […]

​Construction HOT NEWS!

The sun is setting on South Africa’s construction industry

South Africa’s once-thriving construction industry is crumbling. On Tuesday, Group Five – one of the largest builders in Africa – filed for bankruptcy protection after its creditors pulled funding. Group Five was founded in 1974. It employs 8000 people. The JSE has suspended trading in Group Five shares. They last traded at 89 cents, giving […]

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Construction Health & Safety Registration to be challenged in the High Court

Durban – The indirectly forced registration of health and safety practitioners in South Africa under the Construction Regulations, 2014 have been reported ad nauseam since 2013, and recently surfaced on Social media again. The registration process is now going to be tested for the first time, in a court of law. A Durban based HSE […]


When may employees refuse to work?

Under certain Safety, Health and Environmental legislation, there are instances when it is lawful for an employee to refuse to work.


The SACPCMP – Know your Rights!

Since 2014, working in Construction Health & Safety has become a difficult task. This is because of the introduction of the Construction Regulations that stipulates a person who is to be appointed as a “Health & Safety Agent”, must be registered with the South African Council for Project & Construction Management Professions, a public protector […]

Practitioner Corner

How do I write a risk assessment?

Writing your first risk assessment can seem like a daunting task. Fear of the blank page is a common problem; no idea where to start, or what to write. To start you have  to break down the core components of a risk assessment and build it from there. Let’s look at those core components: Step […]

Practitioner Corner

OHS Consulting rates: 2019

In our prequel to this topic we looked at all the aspects to consider in finding the answer to the question of a reasonable rate for an OHS consultant. In this article, we will compare the consulting rate with the cost to company of a full time OHS manager in South Africa. First of all, […]

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The Role of the Health & Safety Rep

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the job of Health & Safety Representative. The reason is that there are two Acts that regulates these persons. The one Act is the Mine Health & Safety Act, and the other Act is the Occupational Health & Safety Act, which do not apply to Mines. […]

Practitioner Corner

How to develop a fishing vessel compliance audit

Owners of marine fleets have to conduct a fishing vessel compliance audit every three months in South Africa.

Practitioner Corner

How to develop PPE policy and management

Effective selection, issue, use, and management of personal protective equipment, requires a detailed PPE policy.

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