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Posted by Salt & Light Creations on Friday, 26 April 2019

Another doomed profession – Building Inspectors

The South African Council of Project and Construction Management Professionals (SACPCMP) has announced that it will commence with the registration scheme of Building Inspectors in October 2019. Some of the key reasons justified by the SACPCMP for registration include: • Providing a foundation for the professionalisation [transformation] of Building Inspectors; • Providing a standard scope […]

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What is Ergonomics?

By Angela Hendricks (Bsc Physio) Do you find yourself getting more and more uncomfortable towards the end of the day? Are you slouching at your desk? Do you suffer from neck ache or backache? Many workers don’t realise that the way you work at your desk can significantly affect your comfort levels. Ergonomics is the […]


Why do people commit unsafe acts?

Four basic reasons for unsafe acts are as follows: Improper attitudes of the workers; Lack of knowledge or skills; Physical unsuitability; and Improper mechanical or physical environment. Except for reflex actions, unsafe acts are learnt acts, and can be replaced with learnt safe acts. If an employee’s learning has been inadequate or misdirected, it is […]

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SheqOnCall360 – a new professional body

Most professional bodies are only effective in developing a profession. SheqOnCall360 fills the gaps by offering a promotion service to jobseekers, practitioners and consultants. It is not a professional body in the common sense of the word. SheqOnCall360 is a promotional portal, allowing interested practitioners to list their CV’s / Company profiles for the public […]


Proper or Registered practitioners? – Time to ask the serious questions – again!

The Department of Employment and Labour held its first OHS Conference which ended 26 July 2019. During the conference, the Director of Construction, Explosives and Major Hazards Installations (MHI), Phumi Maphaha says he wants to see a jail term as a form of sanction to violators of occupational health and safety (OHS) in the construction sector […]


“Vision Zero” – a workplace free of accidents and diseases.

“Vision Zero” is the latest safety slogan as introduced by the Minister of Employment and Labour, Minister Thulas Nxesi while addressing about 1 000 delegates at the Occupational health and safety conference at Emperors Palace, Gauteng. He said business and organised labour have key roles to play to achieve the Vision Zero. “We have to work with […]


Understanding And The Investigation Of Road Traffic Accidents

In recent years, the specific subject matter and knowledge of Traffic Accident Investigation, Reconstruction & Cause Analysis has become an increasingly specialised and important tool to the Judiciary, the Police Services, the Insurance industry, private companies and many related industry companies and services. The attendance at any scene of an accident can be a very […]


SmartSafe Africa – a game changer is coming

Cape Town: Sheqafrica Corporate Services(Pty)Ltd have set the dates for the launch of four new compliance auditing programs and set its sights on new markets. The decision comes after the company acquired the intellectual property rights of the SmartSafe program from Cygma SHEQ South Africa. The acquisition paves the way for the expansion of the […]

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Cape Farmer learns an expensive water lesson

A Clanwilliam farmer has learnt the hard way that breaking the law is not good business. Tierhoek Boerdery has been slapped with a R3.5million fine after being found guilty of 11 contraventions of laws on water and environmental protection. The Water and Sanitation Department conducted its first monitoring and enforcement blitz inspections in the West […]


Court lets go of Bopape allegedly accused of defrauding Department of Labour’s Compensation Fund

The Pretoria Magistrate’s Court today dropped charges against Ms Mapitse Tebogo Bopape who was allegedly accused of defrauding the Department of Labour’s Compensation Fund. The matter of Bopape has been dragging since last year while the State has been waiting for the finalisation of the docket and the decision of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions […]

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Is OHS Self-regulation back in the game?

Sheqafrica.co.za’s sister publication, Sheqafrica.com, previously reported on the Council for the Built Environment’s (CBE) application for exemption of the Identification of Work from the requirements of the Competition Act. In September 2018 the CBE invited stakeholders to provide input following the Competition Commission’s decision to reject the application. To recap, the Commission determined that the […]


Meet SHEQO – The Safety Fish

Sheqo the Safety Fish is the second cartoon character of Sheqafrica.co.za who will become a regular contributor to opinion pieces for the magazine. Sheqo – named after Nemo, the well-known clown fish of movie fame, swims around in full scuba gear after being instructed by the Safety department that safety comes first. The irony is […]

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Diffi Strikes again – Construction worker dies

A construction worker has died and another was rescued by his co-workers when a trench they were digging collapsed on them in Oaktree Street in Hazelwood, Pretoria.late on Friday afternoon, paramedics said. Reports from the scene indicated that workers were digging a trench about two meters deep when it caved in, trapping two of the […]


Domestic workers can claim compensation says High Court

South African domestic workers could soon be able to claim money from the Compensation Fund if they are injured or contract a disease at their place of work. Their families will also be able to claim if they die due to work-related injuries or illnesses. This following a landmark case in the Gauteng High Court this week, […]


A new Star-Grading system on the Cards

Sheqafrica Corporate Services will be launching its EBP Star-grading system in August 2019. Businesses subscribing to the Sheqafrica.com Ethical Business Practices Program will be audited annually against the EBP Code of Conduct and graded according to their level of Compliance. Sheqafrica’s Managing Director, Diane Swarts explains the benefits of this Grading audit and how it […]

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SheqOnCall360 – a new professional body

Most professional bodies are only effective in developing a profession. SheqOnCall360 fills the gaps by offering a promotion service to jobseekers, practitioners and consultants. It is not a professional body in the common sense of the word. SheqOnCall360 is a promotional portal, allowing interested practitioners to list their CV’s / Company profiles for the public […]

Workplace Fatigue May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Network9 grabs up PropertyWeb.co.za; Shares future plans

Complacency: “Cultural change takes time”

Fatalism: “Injuries are part of the job”

Trade-off: “Safe means less productive”

Disempowerment: “Safety is someone else’s job”

Fear of blame: “If I report an incident, I’ll be punished”

Another Safety Checkbox Unnecessary

Safety ethics – Shades of Grey?

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How to manage Excavations

Most of people or contractors don’t take excavation safety seriously and workers are losing their lives due to collapsing excavations. Recently we heard about two people who lost their lives due to excavation safety failures. Just go to your residential area to find an open excavation. That trench dug to provide you with Fibre to […]

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How do I write a risk assessment?

Writing your first risk assessment can seem like a daunting task. Fear of the blank page is a common problem; no idea where to start, or what to write. To start you have  to break down the core components of a risk assessment and build it from there. Let’s look at those core components: Step […]

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How to develop PPE policy and management

Effective selection, issue, use, and management of personal protective equipment, requires a detailed PPE policy.

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OHS Consulting rates: 2019

In our prequel to this topic we looked at all the aspects to consider in finding the answer to the question of a reasonable rate for an OHS consultant. In this article, we will compare the consulting rate with the cost to company of a full time OHS manager in South Africa. First of all, […]

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The Role of the SHE Rep

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the job of Health & Safety Representative or SHE Rep as they are often called. The reason is that there are two Acts that regulates these persons. The one Act is the Mine Health & Safety Act, and the other Act is the Occupational Health & […]